About Us

WatchPoint has been managing IT for local businesses since 1998, when Internet was provided via dial-up modem and the biggest threat to technology was Y2K. Technology and the associated business threats have morphed radically in that timeframe, but our commitment to our core values has not.

Integrity – Customer First – Respect – Solution Driven – Transparent

These core values have not wavered and have enabled WatchPoint to grow and adjust as the technology landscape continuously evolves. 

WatchPoint specializes in cybersecurity and disaster recovery as the foundation of a solid IT stance.

  • We recognize and have real world experience in the risks that businesses face today. The damage caused by cyber-attacks and natural disasters can have devastating effects on any business, and mitigating that risk is job number one at WatchPoint.
  • We understand the unique challenges that today’s businesses must overcome. Worrying about cybersecurity threats and IT management should not be one of them. That’s why we offer a complete, comprehensive package that includes IT management, support, and proactive cybersecurity protection.
Overhead shot of a woman sitting in front of a large monitor.
A picture of Greg Edwards, the CEO

With over 20 years as an IT service provider, we have the knowledge and tools to guide you through this constantly evolving world of technology and cybersecurity. With clients in the insurance, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and construction industries, our service works within any business structure. We provide personalized service, and truly care about your business and its success.

-Greg Edwards, CEO